Cops 4 Cancer proudly presents the 14th Annual C4C Summer event on July 29th. Visit the event section of our website for more details.

What We Do

Cops4Cancer provides aide to families within the Illinois Valley that have been affected by cancer.

Help at Home

C4C has assisted families with Rent, Mortgage, Groceries among other home related items. Even saved families from foreclosure.

Medical Assistance

C4C has helped with needs for Insurance, Pharmacy, and Medical Bills.


C4C helps families with fuel, transportation costs.

How does it work?

Area families who are suffering from the financially draining turmoil cancer can cause complete an application requesting funding through our organization.

Board of Directors

Current Members
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Betty Glynn

Founder, Boob-a-Palooza
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Scott DeGroot

Vice – President
Peru Police Department
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Adam Conness

Peru Police Department
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Shawn Andersen

Peru Police Department
If you have any questions about Cops 4 Cancer, please call 815.719.5877.

Next event: 14th Annual C4C Summer Event

July 29th * Cerri Memorial Park in Cedar Point, IL * Tickets & Apparel on Sale now at Rudy's Liquor

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