$1,016,843.00 to Families in Need

Cops 4 Cancer, Inc. has exceeded a major milestone and we are continuing to change lives. When the dream of helping others started, we were thinking big but had no idea the true impact on the lives of those in this community. Cancer is a family disease. When a diagnosis is received it puts everyone’s world into a tailspin. Tests, appointments, missed work, travel, medications, decisions and the dreaded pile of bills.

As we marched our way to a million, we found ourselves as the only place to turn for a lot of hard working folks. In many cases, the threat of displacing their families is a reality. Through the strong dedication and support that supporters in the Illinois Valley have shown, we have been instrumental in keeping those families together with the lights on and food in their refrigerators.

As of April 27, 2018 we have disbursed an incredible $1,016,843.00 to pay for the living costs of those battling cancer. While there are many organizations doing their part for research, we have chosen a mission to directly assist those who are trying to just make it to tomorrow.

Thank you to our supporters and volunteers for being the greatest part of a cause bigger than all of us.

Cheers to the C4C Nation – we won’t stop now!

Betty Glynn,

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