Board of Directors

The organization consists of police officers who live in the Illinois Valley area. There is no affiliation between Cops 4 Cancer and the city police departments. These are just individual police officers volunteering their personal time for a cause dear to all of us.

Our current Board of Directors consists of:

Betty Glynn, President – Founder of Boob-A-Palooza
Scott DeGroot, Vice-President – Peru Police Department
Adam Conness, Treasurer – Peru Police Department
David Lawson, Secretary – Retired, Mendota Police Department
Dave Hallowell, Board Member – Ottawa Police Department
Rick Piscia, Board Member – Peru Police Department
Bob Pyszka, Board Member – Peru Police Department
Bob Thompson, Board Member – Retired, Peru Police Department
Jeff Moline, Board Member – Washburn Police Department (Toluca Resident)
Terry Guisti, Board Member – Oswego Police Department (Peru Resident)
Scott Underwood, Board Member – Princeton Police Department

If you have any questions about Cops 4 Cancer, please call 815.719.5877